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Mean E Region Irregularity Parameters for the Latest 48 Hours

Data Table

E Region Irregularity Amplitude at Scale Length 1 km

E Region Irregularity Spectrum Index

Irregularity Amplitude as a Function of Scale Length and Time


User Interface for the Java Applet

user action

applet reaction

Left click and drag Rotate around the chosen axes
Release left  button while dragging Spin around the chosen axes
SHIFT plus vertical dragging Zoom
SHIFT plus horizontal dragging Rotate around the axis perpendicular to the picture
CONTROL plus vertical dragging Change focal length
CONTROL plus horizontal dragging Change strength of stereo effect
"s" key, repeating Toggles among single picture and stereo pictures: direct and cross-eyed stereopsis
HOME key Restores original perspective (no spinning)
Left click Stop rotation

From documentation of LiveGraphics3D 1.30 by Martin Kraus

Mean Noise/Signal Intensity Ratio for E Layer Reflections

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