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Dynasonde Database User Registration

First, be sure to read EISCAT's usage disclaimer and Rules of the Road.

Please enter whatever User Name and Password that you would like to use, below. Note that User Name will be shown on your home page and on some pages with resources that you request. Each of User Name and Password may contain not more than 20 characters (use Latin alphabet symbols of both cases, numbers and underscore; space and other nonalphabetic characters are unallowable). The fields "E-mail Address" and "Affiliation" are optional, but consider advantages of supplying this information stated below.

Note: The password you enter here will be stored and shown in clear text. NEVER use an important password here!

User Name:


E-mail Address:


According to EISCAT's privacy policy, use of the Database does not require communication of personal information. However, if you provide your e-mail address during registration, our system will give an automatic reminder of your forgotten Password. The only alternative in this case is a new registration under different User Name with loss of immediate access to resources requested before.

This same registration page and form may be used to update the "E-mail Address" and "Affiliation" records when necessary. Just enter correct User Name and Password and updated information in other fields and press the "Register and Log In" button.