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Latest EISCAT Svalbard Ionogram: a Java Version

Note: This page is not reloaded automatically, to facilitate analysis of the information presented on it. The page content on the server is updated every 5 minutes. Use your browser's "Refresh" when you wish to have the latest ionogram. To use all options provided by this and other pages on our site you should have a Java-enabled Internet browser.


Archive of ionogram images for the last 48 hours
Tutorial description of dynasonde data analysis
Cumulative analysis output files for the last 48 hours
    Plain text data tables
    Advanced data display with interactive features
Ionospheric parameters for the latest ionogram
Echoes from the latest ionogram in 3D
Vector velocities from the latest ionogram in 3D
Latest ionogram as a GIF image

Specific questions? Please contact:
Mike Rietveld - Observations 
Bill Wright - Data Analysis 
Nick Zabotin - Data Analysis